Asset Recovery Services

Since 1976, NRS has been setting the industry standard in professional asset recovery and repossession services for companies large and small – from national banking institutions to single storefront businesses.  NRS provides the following recovery services*:

Involuntary Repossession

Involuntary repossession is most often a self-help method in which a legal lien holder contracts with a Repo Company to act as their agent to recover the defaulted asset(s) in a way that does not breech the peace and adheres to the governing laws where the collateral is repossessed. This doesn’t, the majority of the time, require communication with the debtor prior to taking action and repossessing.

Voluntary Repossession

Voluntary repossession is when the borrower, or debtor, willingly agrees to surrender the collateral to the lien holder by signing an approved Voluntary Surrender Form. Once the surrender form has been signed, the contracted repo agent can make the necessary arrangements with the debtor to repossess the collateral. A voluntary repo must also be conducted in a way that does not breech the peace and adheres to the governing laws where the collateral is repossessed.

Impound/Consignment Repossession

Impound or consignment repossession is what is called for when the collateral is located at a dealership, repair shop, tow yard or police impound. Quite often, there are repair and or storage fees due and even paperwork/forms to submit prior to repossessing. NRS will compile the information of what documents may be needed (and provide those not already in the possession of the lender) along with assisting in their accurate completion. The majority of the time NRS can even front the monies due, to expedite the recovery process for the client.

Field Calls/Door Knocks

NRS provides assistance with accounts that may not require repossession; however, an assessment of the situation may be necessary to determine the need for further action.  NRS agents are available to make field calls, document and photograph any damage to the collateral in question and forward a condition report to the lender.  In the case of findings revealing a hard to find debtor, skip tracing may be advised.

Collateral Transport

After the repossession has occurred transporting the collateral to an auction, or destination of the lenders choosing, is usually called for. Various methods are available, depending on the type of collateral and distance. NRS can assist lenders with this process when necessary. Contact us for more information.

Remarketing Assistance

National Recovery Specialist will work with you should you need options on how to dispose of or liquidate your repossessed collateral.  We can offer different types of auctions depending on the age, condition, and type of the collateral.  Our affiliates can even take bids on your behalf in their local markets and submit them for your approval, or we can suggest alternate options of companies that can provide complete turnkey remarketing services for you.  Ask one of our Account Representatives for assistance.


*   Outside of our direct coverage areas in Arkansas and Oklahoma, all repossessions are performed by independent agencies that meet or exceed National Recovery Specialist’s minimum requirements, as well as holding any required license of the state(s) in which they operate. 

(license required states: AK,CA,CO,CT,FL,HI,IL,LA,ME,MD,MA,MI,NV,NM,NY,OK,OR,PA,TX,VA,DC and City of Chicago)


NRS reminds all of their clients that vehicle repo laws vary by state and, as a measure of protection, the purchase contract or loan agreement should be considered.