NRS Statistics and Performance Ratings:

Dedicated to providing superior service, NRS takes efficient steps to record data from every aspect of our operations; all transactions and forms of communications are monitored. The following statistics prove our dedication and efficiency in this process:

NRS is dedicated to success!

  • NRS 73% Success Rate – based on 128,662 repossessions in past three years
  •  92% of all accounts the collateral or customer is located
  • Each assignment is placed, on average, within 48 miles of customer address

 NRS gets it done fast!

  • 54% of accounts are successfully completed in 7 days
  • “Days to Repossession” average 6 days on all accounts

Experience is a plus!

  • NRS has been in the recovery business since 1976
  • Employees average 7+ years with NRS
  • Principle Holders average 30+ years
  • Expansive network of 250+ agents
  • Serving companies big and small, nation-wide!


NRS Analytics Report:

Providing complete and accurate service in the repossession industry is our commitment to you. As proof of our dedication and efficiency, NRS creates client-based personal analytical reports custom tailored for each client. Included in each report are valuable statistics prepared for presentation. Impressive, easy and ready for you to present to your executive team!

Download a sample “Analytics Report” here.